Meet Laura

I am a Native Texan, Wife, Mother and Business Professional. I am the Chair for the San Jacinto County Democrats and Field Director for Texas Senate District 3 under the Texas Democratic Party’s Non-Urban Rural Caucus. I was born and raised in Houston, Texas where my Husband and I raised our children, and operated a successful business. I fell in love with the peace and tranquility of Rural Texas. And 14 months ago, my husband and I built a home with our two youngest children in a tranquil, rural town in Texas.

I am not a politician. I am a responsible citizen that feels we all need real representation. 

Let me represent you and be your voice in Washington. At times we elect our officials and they stay in office for decades. When this happens, instead of being champions of their District they become very partisan and part of the problem. It becomes less about the members of their District and more about members of their Political Party. 

Vote for Laura

Term Limits: I believe that no elected official should be in office for more than 5 terms. Term limits will help break up the stagnation in Congress and allow an opportunity for fresh ideas and younger representatives. 

Fair Tax Laws: Our tax laws need to be simplified and fair. Very few Americans benefit from our current tax system and when elected I will fight for Fair Taxation for Texans and all Americans. As a business owner it’s increasingly difficult to maneuver through the tax laws without the help of an excellent accountant. 

Affordable Healthcare: Healthcare is a right and should be available to all Americans. 

Stronger Public Schools: Our teachers and support staff deserve higher pay. They should be able to work only one job and be able to have a decent standard of living.

Quality Education: Not all graduates will go to College to earn a degree. High school students should have the option of graduating with trade certifications and be able to enter the workforce.

Rural Broadband: All Rural areas should have access to adequate, affordable broadband service. 

Economic Growth: Focus on strengthening industries in smaller towns or creating industry in towns that have none. This provides more jobs and better quality jobs. Counties can offer incentives to attract businesses.

There are many more very important issues to be discussed. I welcome conversations about what is important to you. When I am elected, I will be a representative for all of the people of District 8, and I will listen to you.

P.O. Box 742, Coldspring, Texas 77331